The Paiste Philosophy

The principle of our family business is to continually create new sounds with cymbals, gongs, and bronze percussion instruments according to the creative needs of drummers and percussionists.

The foundation of this search for musical sound is the successful synergy of the musician’s creative imagination and the inventive spirit of the musical instrument maker. The spark that continually invigorates this search is music itself, in all its beauty, complexity, and seemingly never-ending capacity for new ways of expression. The relationship between us as sound makers and you as musicians is a very intimate manifestation of this deep principle.

The secrets in creating sounds are life-long experience, a deep knowledge about sound and sounding alloys, painstaking craftsmanship, and intensive experimentation. We never get accidental results. We meticulously research and thoroughly execute our creations. Thus we can guarantee consistency in sound and function in every cymbal, gong, and percussive sound instrument we offer.

Through these virtues we can offer a full range of unique and specific sounds, which enable the musician’s personal wishes. We go on providing you with ever-new sound dimensions. We give you new possibilities to expand your sound spectrum and to creatively develop your individual musical expression. This helps you realize your musical dreams.

Our Cymbals are State-Of-The-Art

Our cymbal program always seeks to reflect the current state of music. Music is incredibly diverse and changes constantly. Today’s music mixes and matches styles; it borrows freely from historical periods; it is being enriched by ethnic and traditional genres; it continues to integrate worldwide music styles. Players no longer limit themselves within a certain style.

Experimentation, integration and revolution are the norm. The art of percussion has evolved to a point where technical and musical ability has reached unprecedented levels. Drummers and percussionists speak many musical languages and actively perform in several genres.

Our program is designed to keep up with these trends. Our ability to do this has grown exponentially over the decades. As a result, our program covers more musical needs than ever before. We continually create new sounds. We create cymbals with more potential for variation and versatile application. We design more sound and function into individual models. We research and develop methods to bring more satisfying sound to lower priced ranges. In short - we work hard to make our cymbals do more to satisfy drummers and percussionists.