Drummer Service

Drummer Service as an institution was established in 1959 as an extension of Sound Development in order to establish and ensure constant contact and communication with drummers and percussionists everywhere.

Today, Drummer Service is a worldwide network consisting of Paiste staff, and affiliated distributor personnel, who interface with artists all over the globe. Their goals are to research developing music trends, to receive feedback and input from artists regarding their sound needs, and to serve the artists who endorse our products.

Drummer Service has a wide ranging mission. Besides the obvious pursuit of relationships with artists in mainstream music styles, the research and discovery of lesser known and even obscure music trends is equally important. Often enough, new sound ideas for our instruments originate in the various underground scenes, where experimentation and disregard for the ordinary reign. Eventually such progressive trends develop and evolve and find their way into the more popular realm. 

Drummer Service is the essential link between Paiste, the instrument maker, and the musicians who use our instruments. The open mindedness, the zealous pursuit of variety, and the willingness to go beyond commercial considerations allow us to develop a truly useful and vast variety of sounds, where the only missing links should be those sounds that haven’t been thought of or discovered yet.