Crotales are offered individually or in 1, 2 or 2½ octave sets tuned chromatically to 442Hz (other tunings are available by custom order). Paiste's tuning system insures these instruments with perfect pitch. We offer 1, 2 or 2½ octave octave stands for these instruments. To facilitate playing chromatically tuned sets, we have developed a damper system for all our crotales set stands.
Crotales (C6-F8) are traditional Cymbal Antiques utilized by composers since the 19th century. Made from CuSn20 bronze, they produce a clear, pure, even traditional sound.
Tuned Percussion

Model # Description
CR01000 Crotales 2 Octaves F6-F8
CR01004 Crotales 1 Octave C6-C7
CR01001 Crotales 1 Octave C7-C8
CR01002 Crotales 2 Octaves C6-C8
CR01003 Crotales 2 1/2 Octaves C6-F8
ST92009 Stand Crotales 1 Octave C6-C7
ST92001 Stand Crotales 1 Octave C7-C8
ST92002 Stand Crotales 2 Octaves F6-F8
ST92004 Stand Crotales 2 Octaves C6-C8
ST92005 Stand Crotales 2 1/2 Octaves C6-F8
ST92010 Damper System Crotales 1 Octave C6-C7
ST92003 Damper System Crotales
2 Octaves F6-F8
ST92006 Damper System Crotales
2 1/2 Octaves C6-F8
ST92007 Damper System Crotales
2 Octaves C6-C8
ST92008 Damper System Crotales
1 Octave C7-C8
Model # Description
CR01300 Crotale C6 /C'''
CR01400 Crotale C6# /Cis'''
CR01500 Crotale D6 /D'''
CR01600 Crotale D6# /Dis'''
CR01700 Crotale E6 /E'''
CR01800 Crotale F6 /F'''
CR01900 Crotale F6# /Fis'''
CR02000 Crotale G6 /G'''
CR02100 Crotale G6# /Gis'''
CR02200 Crotale A6 /A'''
CR02300 Crotale A6# /Ais'''
CR02400 Crotale B6 /H'''
CR02500 Crotale C7 /C''''
CR02600 Crotale C7# /Cis''''
CR02700 Crotale D7 /D''''
Model # Description
CR02800 Crotale D7# /Dis''''
CR02900 Crotale E7 /E''''
CR03000 Crotale F7 /F''''
CR03100 Crotale F7# /Fis''''
CR03200 Crotale G7 /G''''
CR03300 Crotale G7# /Gis''''
CR03400 Crotale A7 /A''''
CR03500 Crotale A7# /Ais''''
CR03600 Crotale B7 /H''''
CR03700 Crotale C8 /C'''''
CR03800 Crotale C8# /Cis'''''
CR03900 Crotale D8 /D'''''
CR04000 Crotale D8# /Dis'''''
CR04100 Crotale E8 /E'''''
CR04200 Crotale F8 /F'''''
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