Hand Cymbals

Introduction: 1994 & 2009

Signature Hand Cymbals are the result of years of painstaking research into classical percussion and diverse contemporary hand cymbal performance environments.
Signature "Symphonic" models were created for classical symphonic music, using critical input from top international symphonic percussionists. Signature "Concert/Marching" models offer wider versatility for contemporary applications with a more traditional sound.
Signature "Universal" models were developed for contemporary applications demanding energy and versatility in Ensemble, Concert, Marching, and Drum Corps applications.
Signature cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

Alpha "Concert/Marching" models were designed for universal application, ranging from indoor Ensemble and Concert to outdoor Marching and Drum Corps. Made entirely by hand in Switzerland, they deliver warmth, brilliance and richness in sound, and professional quality for a comparatively modest investment.
PST 5 and PST 3 "Band" are designed for universal contemporary concert, band and marching applications. They feature Paiste quality and consistency with proper sound and function, yet are affordable enough to fit any budget.
PST or "Paiste Sound Technology" cymbals are crafted utilizing the transfer of extensive Swiss-based know-how and the essence of hand manufacturing principles into our modern, hi-tech production. click button for fullscreen presentation ↑