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Henrique De Almeida clinic at Shirelbine’s Music.

Henrique De Almeida, music director for the Percussion Institute of Colorado and band leader of The Brazilian Jazz Project, will be conducting a drum set clinic at Shivelbine’s Music Store on December 22nd. Henrique’s clinic will emphasize on the Moeller Technique and how to apply it around the drum set.

Henrique recently released his new DVD, The Moeller Technique Workshop. At his clinic you will get the opportunity to discuss specific chapters from his new DVD with him in person. Chapters such as his approach to Latin styles & coordination, Moeller Hybrid strokes, or cross accented rhythms. Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of today’s most active and influential educators.

More information on Henrique’s new DVD

When: December 22nd, @ 7 p.m.
Where: Shivelbine’s Music Store
535 Broadway
Cape Girardeau Mo. 63701

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