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Hermann Kock’s Two Man Group - Clinics and Concert Dates

Hermann Kock and bassist Moritz Grenzmann are touring drum schools, drum shops, and clubs to conduct clinics and concert performances throughout Germany.

Hermann Kock’s critically acclaimed appearances at several drum festivals throughout the world combines an array of complex ostinatos and drum grooves in a very unique fashion. In this duo project, Moritz contributes his signature sounds on his bass guitar fusing composition and improvisation while incorporating styles of Funk, Jazz, World Music, and Metal Together Hermann and Moritz give an extraordinary and exciting performance.

The clinic parts contain of tutorial elements on subjects like 4 way coordination tools, odd time meters, double bass technique and ostinatos.

Tour Dates

25.02. Frankfurt a. M., 2. Rhythm and Groove Weekend
26.02. Simmern, Musikschule
01.03. Gründau, Music`n` More
03.03. Höhr-Grenzhausen, New Groove Factory
09.03. Guldental, Drumstore
10.03. Kusel, Musikschule
15.03. Mainz-Kostheim, Dr.Drum
16.03. Winningen, Musikschule Op den Kamp
17.03. Kaiserslautern, Städt. Musikschule
24.03. Frankfurt, Musikmesse - Agora Stage
25.03. Bonn, Drumstudio
29.03. Pirmasenz, MB-Music
30.03. Taunusstein, Schlosskeller

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