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Charlie Benante from ANTHRAX visits Paiste Factory

Charlie Benante, long time Paiste Artist (since 1988), took the chance and visited the Paiste Cymbal Production in Nottwil, Switzerland while touring Europe with "ANTHRAX".

He took enough time and had plenty of interest and patience to go into the details deeply. Charlie was impressed by the landscape the company is located in, the vibe in and around the company and the way Paiste approaches Cymbal Making. Of course, being a long time Paiste artist, Charlie anticipated what to expect. The quality, the consistency and the dedication, so to speak, must come from somewhere. Charlie himself, being very meticulous in his own craft of drumming, playing guitar and writing songs, finally got to meet those people who craft a major part of his signature sound.

When it came to the cymbal hammering, Charlie started out carefully, not to ruin anything on the bronze plate. When he saw the major craftsmen doing it, he felt like that the magic must be in the work overalls. Soon enough, the production manager brought him one to wear. Charlie didn't miss a second to do so and looked like the freshman who's gonna start working right away. That's what he did.

During the rest of the factory tour, everybody saluted him as the new guy! Too soon it was time to say good-bye and we had to drive back to the venue for soundcheck. Before that we went to the warehouse and grabbed some new cymbals for his live setup and shot a little video interview, which is about to be seen in this feature.

Charlie wrote: "I had a great experience there, it was a Blast!! Please give my best to all the Cymbal Crafters and let them know that what They do is Heard around the World!!"

Thanks Charlie, for being a true ambassador for Paiste cymbals!

Charlie currently plays the following cymbals (from left to right):

• RUDE 16" Crash/Ride
• Signature 13" Dark Crisp Hi-Hat
• RUDE 8" Splash (custom)
• 2002 18" Power Crash
• Signature 12" Splash
• RUDE 19" Wild Crash
• Signature 20" Dark Metal Ride
• RUDE 18" Crash/Ride
• Signature 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hat
• 2002 18" Novo China
• 2002 20" Novo China

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