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Dave Stanoch releases new Instructional Book, Mastering the Tables of Time

Mastering the Tables of Time uniquely combines the foundations of rhythm and the foundations of trapset drumming using a common system to assimilate the disciplines of timekeeping, coordination, rudiments, polyrhythms, and musical phrasing.

The table of time provides an inclusive framework for combining these exclusive areas of study to benefit players of any skill level, be it beginner, intermediate, or advanced, with an interest in developing a musical foundation with crystal-clear focus for complete freedom of expression in any direction.

Volume I introduces the Standard Timetable. The term is a play on words borrowing from the world’s division into different time zones–a standard zone being a commonly accepted one. The purpose of categorizing the various timetables serves to highlight applications unique to each. The Standard Timetable focuses on duple and triple subdivisions, as they are the most commonly used in popular music, that expand or contract rhythmic phrases into half, double, and triple-time feels. One timetable provides several tempo applications.

Volume I is a virtual reference library on rhythm and trapset drumming as it was originally conceived in the USA, combining European rudiments, African polyrhythms, 4-way coordination, jazz and backbeat grooves, and soloing vocabulary, to create a new sound in music. The emphasis on musical phrasing and developing solid, good feeling time offers new confidence and conviction in performance that a drummer can carry into any musical scenario they choose. These concepts will advance as the focus goes global with the introduction of the World Timetable in Volume II of Mastering the Tables of Time.

More information on David’s new book