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Paiste expands revitalized RUDE Series

Nottwil/Switzerland – Responding to a strongly emerging trend of revived interest in the RUDE series and consumer requests for additional choices in the RUDE sound, Paiste adds several new models to the series at the 2008 Musikmesse in Frankfurt.


With the RUDE Wild Hats in 14" size, Paiste now offers a RUDE version of the recently introduced 2002 Wild Hats. Its wild, metallic, and harsh overall character, roaring open sound, fast attack with merciless shatter, and tight, barking chick sound makes it the most radical Hi-Hat sound available anywhere for today's most aggressive music styles.


The RUDE Novo China in 18" and 20" sizes, a Paiste innovation, features a unique china shape that makes both the bell and downward turned china edge accessible at once. With its bright, silky, metallic and powerful overall character, and a strong, sizzling and deep layered china sound, this model offers a unique combination of china and crash application that's well suited for strong and exotic musical accents in any style of louder popular music.


Responding to the general trend for cymbals in larger sizes, Paiste finally re-launches the RUDE China in 20" size. With its dark, full, raw and energetic overall character, and heavy, explosive attack sound, this extremely loud and nasty China is likewise one of the most radical China sounds available for today's most aggressive music styles.


The RUDE series was developed in the late 70’s, when Rock and Metal were already well established and the new PUNK genre made its debut. RUDE cymbals, with their un-lathed surface, uniform thickness, and aggressive frequency mix perfectly mirrored the unconventional trends of the time.

As today’s popular music firmly roots itself in the history of Rock, Metal and Punk and continues to expand these genres, RUDE cymbals not only continue to be very appropriate sounds for today’s drummers, they also represent the original article.

RUDE cymbals are entirely made by hand in Switzerland using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.

RUDE Wild Hats

RUDE Novo China

RUDE China