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Felix M. Lehrmann is one of Germany’s most sought-after studio drummer & plays lots of live shows with German superstars like Sarah Connor or Namika.


His impressive discography includes acts like Dendemann & Die Freie Radikale, Jan Böhmermann, James Bay, Aloe Blacc, Torsten Goods, Dieter Maschine Birr, Tata Young, DJ Mehdi, Jennifer Rush, Orange Blue, Nils Wülker, Guru, Nneka, Oceana, Jeanette Biedermann, Estelle, Lena Meyer-Landrut, Samy Deluxe, Haftbefehl, Thomas Godoj, Talib Kwali, just to name a few.


Felix's drumming & cymbal sound needs are very versatile and that reflects in his cymbal choices. He plays cymbals from the following series: Signature „Traditionals“, Signature „Dark Energy“, Formula 602, Formula 602 Modern Essentials, Masters and PST X.





Born 1984 in a small town called Halberstadt, Felix´ family moved to Berlin, when he was about three years old. At the same time he started to play the drums. As son of a well known guitar player and thus growing up in a musical family, his childhood was a never-ending jam session between Felix and his dad Michael Lehrmann – which lasts up to this day. Taking only private lessons with different teachers through the years, Felix found in Kenny Martin 2001 not only a mentor but also a good friend.


After playing in numerous semi-pro bands, Felix Lehrmann started his professional career at the age of 17, when playing his first European tour with a singer called Della Miles. He still had to go to school for two more years to receive his graduation in 2004, but in the meantime he could not be stopped to play as many gigs and studio session as he could (or as many as his mother, who is a school teacher, allowed him to do). After finishing school, Felix immediately went on tour with a German TV star and singer Yvonne Catterfeld, which lasted for two years.


From that point on, he never looked back and ever since his schedule has been filled with tours, studio dates and clinics around the globe!










Our friends from GEWA Drums are back with another European-wide tour this fall 2017. A top trio appears for the ‘’Gold Digger Tour’’ who have, until now, never been on stage together before. It consists of ‘the most recorded drummer’ John ‘’JR’’ Robinson, the ‘most visible drummer’ of German-speaking regions Felix M. Lehrmann, and the percussive genius Roland Peil.

They showed & show up in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, the Principality of Liechtenstein, Scandinavia, the Czech Republic, and the UK. Each of these three exceptional musicians has received gold and platinum awards for some of the biggest / most successful national and international songs over the past years and decades. Together, they have been a part of more than 1000 (ONE THOUSAND!) legendary tracks from pop, rock and hip-hop, and their hunger for great music has still not been satisfied.







feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
04.09.17 Musikhaus Thomann, Treppendorf / www.thomann.de

05.09.17 JustMusic, Berlin / www.justmusic.de

09.09.17 Drum & Bassfestival, Dresden (Solo-Performance JR Robinson) / www.dresdner-drum-bass-festival.de

17.09.17 Drumtrainer, Berlin (Solo-Performance JR Robinson) / www.drumtrainerberlin.com

24.09.17 OnlineLessons.TV (Solo-Performance JR Robinson) / www.onlinelessons.tv

25.09.17 Pop Akademie, Mannheim / www.popakademie.de



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
06.09.17 Little Big Beat Studios, Eschen / www.littlebigbeat.com



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
07.09.17 Boullard Musique, Morges / www.boullard.ch



feat. John JR Robinson, Felix Lehrmann, Martin Verdonk
08.09.17 La Baguetterie, Toulouse / www.baguetterie.fr



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
13.09.17 Slaskie Centrum Perkusyjne, Chrozow / www.sklep.slaskiecentrumperkusyjne.pl



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
14.09.17 Kytary.cz, Prag / www.kytary.cz



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
16.09.17 Principi Strumenti Musicali, Macerata



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
18.09.17 4Sound Slagverket, Stockholm / www.4sound.se



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
19.09.17 Guitarhuisilet, Oslo



feat. John JR Robinson & Felix Lehrmann
20.09.17 Graham Russell Drums, Fareham / www.grahamrusselldrums.com

21.09.17 Wembley Drum Centre, London / www.wembleymusiccentre.com

22.09–24.09.17 UK Drum Show, Manchester / www.theukdrumshow.com




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