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Antonio Trapanotto on Bateria TV (You Tube)

Paiste artist and Argentinean session great Antonio Trapanotto will be featured in a forthcoming episode of Batería TV, a popular online program on You Tube which profiles Argentina’s top drummers. The episode is scheduled to premiere this month.

Below is an episode of Batería TV, which originally aired in May 2013, which features an interview with Mr. Trapanotto:


Antonio has enjoyed a long spanning career in music which began in 1968, with percussion studies (timpani) with master instructor Antonio Yepes, the resident timpanist at Colon Theatre. Two years later, Antonio studied with Mr. Rolando Picardi. He has developed his career as a drummer and percussionist in many areas of music such as recording studios, television shows, live concerts, musical comedies, cultural projects, and education. Antonio is authority in many musical styles such as pop, rock, melodic music, tango, Argentinean and Latin American folk.

Along with singer Roque Narvaja and other professional musicians, he took part in the cultural project “group Chimango” with whom they recorded their self-titled release “group Chimango”. This record was recorded for the interprise CBS Columbia from Argentina and it is considered one of the first releases about folk-fusion in the country.

Antonio has taken part in several OTI Festivals on Latin Songs for channels 9 and 7 from Argentina. He was chosen by several well-known conductors such as: Oscar Cardozo Ocampo, Horacio Malvicino, Mike Rivas, Victor Buchino, Oscar Lopez Ruiz, Luis Maria Serra, etc. He played tango to accompany Libertad Lamarque in Huelva Festival, Spain, led by the bandoneon player Carlos Buono. He also accompanied several Argentinian tango singers such as Raul Lavie (Tango Argentino), Jose A. Trelles (Astor Piazzola) and Maria Volonte.

He was a member of one of the first tango groups from Argentina, made up of fives saxophones bass and drums, called “Saxtango”. It was conducted by Arturo Shneider, and this group recorded a song for the radio program F.M. Tango. Antonio is an advocate of cultural projects of Latin American folk. Antonio has worked on multiple projects with guitar players Jose Luis Castiñeira de Dios and the group “Anacrusa” and with Entre Rios orchestra, conducted by Master Ernesto Zemba.

Antonio played with the Buki Arcella Trio. As a special guest he performed for the Colon Theatre Philharmonic Orchestra at the “Buenos Aires Sixth Jazz and Other Musical Styles Festival”, conducted by Mr Pedro I. Calderón. Mr. Trapanotto also played “Symphonic Dances” for West Side Story, by Leonard Berstein.

Antonio is the professor of Drums and Percussion at Hurlinghan Sta Hildas College, and at Sir Thomas Mallory School. Antonio is also a columnist for the magazine “Bateristas al Sur”, one of the most prestigious percussion magazines in South America.

Antonio also endorses Mapex Drums and Vic Firth drumsticks.

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