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Like a number of us, Jermaine “Maineo” Parrish’s first drum kit consisted of an array of pots and pans loaned from the family kitchen. Eventually he picked up his first kit while growing up in the church scene performing at age 12 and watching legends such as Gerald Heyward and other greats deeply rooted in the New York scene. Although this Brooklyn native is fairly new to the music scene, in a rather short period of time Jermaine has quickly jumped up the ranks among the drumming community to become one of the more talked about musicians in the industry.

Jermaine’s career officially kicked off at the young age of 19 while working with Grammy Award winner JOE. He’s also been fortunate to work with many other highly visible and respected artists such as Ayo, T-Pain, TI, Ludacris, Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Ryan Leslie, and more. More recently, over the last two years Jermaine has been on the biggest gig of his career performing the world with super-star Alicia Keys on her “Set The World On Fire” tour.

Jermaine’s current set up consists of: 15" Twenty Custom Collection Metal Hats, 17" & 18" Dark Energy Crashes, 8" & 10" Dark Energy Splashes, 18" & 19" Twenty Custom Collection Thin Crashes (prototypes), 21" Twenty Masters Collection Dark Dry Ride, 18" Alpha Medium Swiss Crash and 18" Twenty Custom Collection Thin China.

We asked Jermaine about his Paiste set up: “These cymbals work well in many musical situations I’ve been involved in. They all have a distinctive sound and the musical tones cut through in big stadiums. The models I use also work great in the studio. Paiste makes the most beautiful sounding cymbals I’ve ever played. They are classy and elegant and it’s been a pleasure using these cymbals and working with the Paiste Company.”


Birthday: April 2nd, 1982
First Drumkit: Pearl Session Series
First Paiste Cymbals: 13” Signature Hi-Hats back in 2000
Heros: Jay-Z, Buddy Rich, my uncle Bishop Figueroa
Hobbies: Shopping/Fashion, Basketball, Golf, and Boating
Fav Movie: Casino and Bring on the Night
Fav Food: Italian
Top 3 songs in your IPod:
Moon River (Art Blakey)
Hard To Say I’m Sorry (Chicago)
We Live In Brooklyn Baby, (Roy Ayers)

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