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Paul Marangoni - New Album

Paiste Artist Paul Marangoni and The Trio Of Stridence release “Auditur Periculosum.”


Unsatisfied with the local talent pool, a jazz-rock fusion drummer reaches out to the world.

Search for new musicians results in new Trio of Stridence “Auditur Periculosum.”

Los Angeles, CA, January 17, 2013: Los Angeles drummer Paul Marangoni had decided to begin work on a new recording for his band "The Trio of Stridence" in 2010 but ran into a major roadblock: His former bandmates were unable to commit the time necessary. With the fusion scene a shadow of its former self in Los Angeles, musicians are forced to find work wherever they can. As such, the Trio's guitarist was spending more and more time in Europe, with no free time to work on a new recording.

After twelve months of waiting while working on new arrangements for the band to record, Paul decided to forge ahead with new collaborators. "I called the guys in town that I knew could cut it, as well as guys I used to play with in Canada, but no one had the time, and I didn't want to keep postponing the project. That's when I started searching online," Paul said. "I found a great bass player pretty fast, so I mistakenly assumed it was going to be pretty easy." But while discovering a new bassist came quick, guitarists proved to be a different matter.

"Some of the guitarists I contacted had a pretty big web presence, giving online lessons and doing tons of videos etc.," he explained. "But these guys making all the noise online were the guys that couldn't deliver in the end. With less and less opportunities for live performance of jazz-rock fusion music, musicians aren't getting the chance to really develop anymore."

Eventually Paul found two great guitarists in Italy (Alex Milella and Luca Mantovanelli), a fantastic bassist in Hungary (Peter Bakaja), and local Los Angeles guitar legend Allen Hinds - all from searching the web. Being able to send digital files back and forth instead of physical tapes made the process quick and efficient. The new record features everyone extensively as they interpret classic fusion music originally recorded by artists such as Pat Metheny, Jaco Pastorius, Billy Cobham, Steve Khan, and Frank Zappa.

The new Trio of Stridence record "Auditur Periculosum" is available at CDBaby.com.

Click here to purchase “Auditur Periculosum” on CDBaby.com

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