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Nottwil/Switzerland – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the launch of the Formula 602 Modern Essentials.

After the very successful re-launch of the legendary Formula 602 series, Paiste developed a new sound dimension from 602 Bronze with the Formula 602 Modern Essentials, in collaboration with Vinnie Colaiuta, who is without a doubt one of today’s most influential drummers.

Vinnie’s idea was to create the missing link between really dark and bright, transparent cymbals. «I wanted to take some of that richness, warmth, darkness and a bit of complexity of the Signature Traditionals and combine that with the transparency and stick definition of the existing 602 sound. In retrospect, I think that Paiste Sound Development had a very similar idea. Their vision and my vision were completely in alignment.»

«Every step of the way they were able to perfectly execute the concept we had discussed together», the eminent drummer reflects on the efficient co-operation with Paiste Sound Development. «They weren’t trying to convince me of anything; I wasn’t trying to convince them of anything. If something had a particular characteristic, that I questioned, I would tell them. And sometimes I didn’t have to tell them anything, they could just read it on my face.»

The Formula 602 Modern Essentials is not a set of cymbals designed exclusively for Vinnie Colaiuta. The application of the cymbals covers a vast range of musical styles. «What I had in mind was something that most discerning drummers are looking for», Vinnie explains. «They are cymbals for many seasons. They can potentially cover just about anything I could think of. And it’s not specialized. It doesn’t control you, but you can control it.»

All Formula 602 Modern Essentials models have an enormous dynamic range and a rich, warm sound with much depth in common – «complete» is Vinnie’s verdict at the final testing. Certainly, they have a different kind of strength than the classic 602. «One of the things that we discussed in Sound Development, was just how loud they would need to be», reports Vinnie. «We wanted to get a little more volume, but not too much. Because if cymbals are too loud, they can overpower the sound of the entire drum set. Volume has to have a quality and I think these cymbals have that.»

The precious sound character of the series is emphasized by discrete, elegant silk screening. «It looks really cool», the master of musical taste discerns. «I love it, because it’s so understated. This is class!»

The 14" and 15" Hi-Hat models are convincing ears and hearts with their solid intensity, though the attack itself is pleasantly smooth. Finesse is rewarded with sensitivity, while stronger playing elicits fullness and richness. «I just think there’s chocolate in there», Vinnie says about the Hi-Hat and emphasizes: «Swiss chocolate. So I think it makes them kind of funky sounding.»

The 20" and 22" Ride models brim with vitality. With great warmth the stick attacks pearl over the deep, wide wash. Crashing the ride spreads out a complex, rumbling foundation. Colaiuta reflects: «At the last meeting we went to the ride. I took my stick and hit the final ride cymbal once. The note that I heard come out was better than I could have imagined. They really exceeded my expectations at that moment.»

The 16", 18" and 20" Crash models present clarity and accentuation. The stroke is dominated by a rather more smooth feeling, while the attack is followed by an explosive crash that fades quite swiftly. «Sometimes a smaller crash cymbal can start sounding like an oversized Splash cymbal, and these don’t. They are nice and transparent. And as the cymbals get bigger you really start hearing the warmth project a little more», the Sting drummer comments.

The 18" and 22" China models manifest themselves with very earthy dark exotic explosions. They are especially well suited for ride patterns with a washy stick sound. The 8" and 10" Splash models express their airy, hissing accents with fast and silvery spurts. «They are really like a kind of subtle punctuation», Vinnie decides.

Formula 602s are entirely made by hand in Switzerland from the original 602 Bronze using traditional methods that have remained unchanged in over half a century.