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PAISTE & THE BIG BOOM – The World-Largest Drumkit debuts in Vienna's famous Prater

Paiste supports the Austrian drummers of Drumartic to realize their dream of the world-largest Drumkit.

THE BIG BOOM – the world-largest Drumkit debuts in Vienna’s famous Prater

May 1st will be celebrated with a big Crashendo

The world’s largest drumset “THE BIG BOOM” will be the highlight of this year’s 1st of May festivities in Vienna’s Prater. The gigantic drumkit which measures 6.50m high and 8.00m wide (21x26 ft) was originally set up with all its parts – bass drum, snare, toms and cymbals. The estimated 300’000 visitors on this day will certainly be fascinated and impressed when they see this mammoth drum kit.

4 Drummers Needed

Due to the massive specs of the drumkit, four drummers will team up to play it which makes this project rather difficult. The challenge will be especially difficult because each player has to synchronize their rhythmic patterns with one another while jumping around in 6m height.

But, who are the Performers?

After playing many events for Red Bull and the Alpine Ski Worldcup, the four drummers of Drumarctic used the Austrian TV-Talent-Show “Die Grosse Chance” to become a sought-after show act throughout Europe.

The World-Premiere

The world-premiere starts at 1pm on the 1st of May at the Rondeau, in the middle of Vienna’s Prater. Two different performances (one per hour), will continue throughout the afternoon and evening rocking the Prater and getting everybody to dance. The grand-finale will be a big firework in rhythm with the drum show at 10pm.

Whether young or old, musician or none-musician – “The World’s Largest Drumset” must be seen!

More Info on www.drumartic.at!