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Formula 602 enhanced

Nottwil/Switzerland The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the introduction of new Formula 602 models .

Since the overwhelming success of Formula 602's re-launch last year, demand for a wider assortment of models and sizes increased quickly. With the release of 16" & 18" Paperthins, a 20" Thin Crash, and 14" Medium Hi-Hat , Paiste fulfills the countless requests from numerous drummers for additional classics to this legendary line.

The overall feel of the 16" and 18" Paperthin is inimitable. One senses almost no resistance when striking these ultra light crashes. The Paperthins respond immediately with the warm, pure sound and they fade as quickly as they build up. For hand playing they release a lively and discreet crash sound. These cymbals are highly recommended when warmth and transparency are more important than volume.

While the Thin Crashes are very soft, the 20" Thin Crash follows the current trend of big, thin cymbals that flourish on stage. Deep in overall tone with silvery highs and a breathy fade, the 20" size contains a broader frequency mix paired with more volume which serves as a perfect complement to the 16" & 18" sizes.

Although the Formula 602 Sound Edge Hi-Hat set its stamp on numerous world famous recordings, drummers began inquiring about the 14" Medium Hi-Hat immediately after 602's re-release in 2011. Their soft feel and defined clarity is what makes this cymbal pair suitable for moderate Pop and Rock as well as Jazz and many other acoustic music styles.

Formula 602 16" & 18" Paperthin
Formula 602 20" Thin Crash
Formula 602 14" Medium Hi-Hat