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Artist Spotlight: PAUL WALSHAM

Paul Walsham was born in Liverpool and started playing the drums at the age of 7. His biggest influence was his father, who also played the drums. At the age 14 Paul played his first live concert, subbing his daddy. Well educated and favourably reviewed by Rhythm Magazine, Walsham became a busy session drummer. His palmarès include work with Elvis Costello, Simon Webbe, Craig David, Atomic Kitten, Barclay James Harvest, Patricia Kaas and many more.

When Paul Walsham gave our Drummer Service department information about his new gig with Hurts a little more than one year ago, nobody expectedthat Paul was joining the most successful newcomer duet of the present. Hurts are singer Theo Hutchcraft and multi instrumentalist Adam Anderson, British “blood brothers” who emulate the synthesizer oriented New Wave sound of the 80s. Their first single “Wonderful Life” entered the top of the German charts, followed by the debut album “Happiness”. But not only Central Europe was enthusiastic by Hurts music. Within a short time, the band was touring all over Europe, the UK, eventually touring Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai, Japan and the US. New requests for additional shows are being inquired hourly.

If you think playing the drums in a Synthie-Pop band is boring, you should watch Paul Walsham at a live show. His drumming is really busy, as he combines acoustical and electronic drums. While rehearsing for the first tour, Hurts’ musical director wanted Paul to play as many sounds as possible live to avoid backing tracks – and there are many percussive sounds in the songs. So to accomplish this, Paul arranged a drum kit of partly triggered acoustic drums, electronic pads, and all acoustic cymbals. His cymbal setup features all new Twenty Custom Collection models: 14” Full Hats, 10” Thin Splash, 18” and 20” Metal Crashes, 20” Full Ride and 18” Thin China. Paul names the 14” Twenty Full Hats his favorite cymbals: “They are very clean and cut through, but the whole set are awesome too.”

When not playing drums, Paul loves to exercise and if there is little time between all the shows he improves his skills in computer applications “Indesign” and “Sibelius”.

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