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Artist Spotlight: NICK MASON # PINK FLOYD

Nick Mason is without a doubt one of the most popular but also loyal Paiste Artists. His musical credits and commercial success with Pink Floyd are exceptional and although Nick lives a rather low key life within the music business, the interest on his drumming and his persona are still tremendously big. Being a warm-hearted and friendly gentlemen, Nick enjoys the appreciation and the sympathy of everybody who meets him.

For over 40 years Nick Mason has trusted the sound and quality of Paiste Cymbals and Gongs. While Nick is always open to exploring new sounds, it comes without saying that he still adores the classics from his vintage collection of Formula 602 and 2002, but he’s equally excited about the Rides in the Twenty Masters Collection.

While visiting our Paiste UK office, Nick had the chance to explore our new cymbals and to record his thoughts about Paiste. Nick also took part in a Q & A that came in via our Facebook-Fanspage.

Nick’s answers to Paiste FB-Fanspage Questions:

What ride cymbal is on 'Us and Them'. (Matt Deibert)
The ride cymbal used was a 2002 20” Ride and this model is still my ‘go to’ ride today.

What's your favourite line of Paiste cymbals? (Jose Luis Ayala Jr)
My favourite range would be the 2002 and Signature, but I’m now also trying the new Twenty Masters and Custom ranges as well.

Who are some of the up and coming drummers who impress you these days? Are there any new groups that you would like to work with? (Chad Preseault)
Well, they are beyond up and coming,, but if I had to name 2 right now that I’d learn from , then it’s Taylor Hawkins and Karl Brazil. I’m always interested in new talent and am personally involved with The Undercroft at The Roundhouse, London, which is a new creative centre beneath the theatre which enables kids to have access to music equipment and rehearsal space, as well as dedicated workshops on various media disciplines.

What’s the most challenging Pink Floyd song to play live?
Money! It integrates a 7 beat rhythm track on tape, that has no clearly defined downbeat and a “not very percussive sound” – We tend to go for an early fade out of the loop when playing live!

What’s your favourite Pink Floyd song?
Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun. It’s still an interesting piece for a drummer, it’s played with mallets and has lots of dynamics and phrasing.

What would your advice be to a mature beginner? (Fenton Parsons)
Learn to play the ukulele quickly and save your back! Or, find a good teacher who plays the music you like…..I’ve never had a drum lesson and regret that.

Why do you choose Paiste as your brand of cymbals? (Oliver Karlsson)
I was approached by the Paiste rep at Montreaux in 1971 (What was his name ?) and asked if I’d like to play Paiste cymbals…..I’ve never looked back since.

How long have you been playing drums?
I’ve been playing professionally since 1967 (I remember we did about 6 gigs in 1966, then got signed and did more than 200 in 1967!) but personally it’s been more than 50 years.. We started a band as teenagers and I didn’t want to be the bass player so we actually formed a band before we’d decided who would play what instrument. And long before we’d worked out how to play them!

What was the first record you bought?
The first single was Bill Hayley, Rock Around The Clock….and it was a 78….the first LP was the first Elvis album.

What’s your favourite car?
The Ferrari 250 GTO as you can do anything in it (except get a drumkit in it).But you CAN get a kit in the new Ferrari FF! I actually drive an Audi RS6 which takes the kit (admittedly a smallish one) and all the fittings.

View Nick’s Artist Profile!

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