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Facebook Cymbal Set-up Photo Contest Winner visits Paiste Factory

Last week we had the great pleasure to welcome the 2013/14 Facebook Cymbal Set-Up Photo Contest 1st Prize winner Jamie May and his brother Jeremy at the Paiste Cymbal Factory in Nottwil, Switzerland.

Here’s how Jamie comments his experience at the factory:

“Well, what can I say.... You guys are absolutely superb, we were completely blown away by the time you guys took to entertain and show us round.

The whole experience was amazing!!! The whole Paiste factory experience was brilliant and a huge insight into the quality and detailed craftsmanship that goes into every single cymbal throughout the ranges.

The skill and detail is unbelievable, and it really gives you an appreciation for how and why Paiste cymbals are so unique and amazing. The chance to hand hammer our own cymbals too was an excellent experience and one to treasure.

The cymbal testing was a 'drummers dream' and I have a further 3 ranges that I will be investing in including the '602 range', Giant Beat and Signature ranges. It was so great to be able to try out the whole range of products. And topped with the experience of the 80 inch gong - 'WOW' what a sound!!

The activities you planned for us including the sightseeing and trip to the Alps was again completely unique!! And very massively appreciated...

Again..., huge thanks to the Paiste Team... You are great and I will treasure our experience of coming over to see you!”

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