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Drumbassadors Clinic Tour (Europe)

Drumbassadors are back on clinic tour in Germany, Switzerland and France. Their musical, creative, and humorous approach to performing has become highly successful in the international drumming scene. Stylistically, The Drumbassadors combine European, African and American grooves, sounds and loops in their own unique way. An essential requirement of their repertoire is that it must consist of “songs.” Melody, no matter how simple, is key.


3/19/13: DE-Mainz-Kosteheim, Dr. Drum

3/20/13: DE-Lauf, Dehnberger Hoftheater

3/21/13: DE-Waldkirch, Drumhouse

3/22/13: DE-St. Leon-Rot, Drumladen

3/23/13: CH-Wegenstetten, Freaktal Drumday

3/24/13: CH-Luzern, Südpol

3/25/13: FR-Nancy, MAI Institute


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