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Paiste also supported the 2nd Rock Music Festival in Afghanistan!

Sound Central Festival 2012, Afghanistan and Central Asia's only alternative arts festival, was an unprecedented success with in excess of 1600 people attending over three days. They had an equal ratio of men to women performing on stage and participating artistically, giving young Afghan men and women, valuable examples of participating in cultural life in a public setting.

Without a doubt, Kabul now has a growing alternative arts scene and Sound Central Festival 2012 hosted the eclectic troop of artists in a dynamic, yet safe environment. It is clear that the Afghan youth are thirsty for more art based activities in the capital and this festival has become an annual showcase for years to come. With events like this, we are raising the bar on production output, artistic content and audience participation. Sound Central Festival 2013 is already in planning for April, with a bigger and more diverse program than ever before.

SoundCentralFestival Website!

About the event:

Sound Central was born out of the belly of the tiny underground music scene in Kabul between 2006-2010. From the 2009 concert that showcased Indy band Kabul Dreams through to the 6 band battle of the bands competition in 2010, Argus and Combat Communications has been plugin in amps and getting electric shocks among other challenges.

With support from the international community the dream of hosting Afghanistan's first ever modern music festival came to fruition on October the 1st 2011. 8 bands played to over 500 Afghan Youth for 7 hours.

In 2012 the festival grew in all directions. More stage, more bands, more audience and the added element of other art forms: theatre, circus, film, photography, dance and more. The attendance grew to 1600 in the second year and like the first year, the media coverage was extensive, both locally and internationally.

In the space of one year the festival had gone from a modern music festival to a alternative arts festival. Argus and Comat Comms, is now planning 2013, which is guaranteed to be bigger again.

The reason why they take on this a project in such a challenging environment:

* To give a platform to Afghan Artist to express themselves
* To give Afghan youth access to alternative arts in a safe environment
* To invite region and international artists to exchange cultures and ideas
* To show to the entire world that Afghanistan is rich in culture and does have a longing to indulge in the arts like any other country does.

So no matter if you are from a NGO, an embassy, a band, the press or are just interested as an audience member, please help us by supporting us in the years to come.

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