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Paiste welcomes Gergo Borlai to the Paiste Artist Family

We are proud to welcome Gergo Borlai to our Artist Endorsement Program. In his home country of Hungary Gergo Borlai appeared on more than a 100 albums, received two lifetime achievement awards and two "gold record awards," as well as the Golden Drumstick Prize and the Artisjus Lifetime Achievement Award. The drumming community is familiar with his breathtaking solos on YouTube as well as with his performances at several drum festivals. Gergo's next festival appearances will be at the Dresdner DrumBass Festival in Germany with Gary Willis (in duet), at the Montreal Drumfest in Canada, and at the Bag Show Paris in France.

Gergo Borlai's cymbal set-up:
14" Formula 602 Sound Edge Hi-Hat, 24" Formula 602 Medium Ride, 20" Formula 602 Thin Crash, 18" Formula 602 Paperthin Crash, 20" Giant Beat Thin Crash, 20" Giant Beat Multi, 22" Signature Thin China, 15" 2002 Wild China, 6", 7" and 8" 2002 Cup Chimes, and an 8" 2002 Splash.

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Keith Larsen # Oedipus (USA)
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Thomas Roslak # Crash Kings (USA)
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