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Nicko McBrain’s “Boomers” join Alpha

Nottwil/Switzerland – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces launch of Alpha Boomer cymbals.

Since Nicko McBrain joined the British top metal band Iron Maiden almost 30 years ago, he has been respected worldwide as one of most celebrated and influential rock drummers. His long standing loyalty and dedication moved Paiste to honor Nicko with a special “Boomer” edition of the successful Alpha series, which will satisfy not only die-hard Nicko fans.

The Boomer cymbals sound concept is clearly defined: Rock, Hard Rock and classic Heavy Metal. The Boomer Crashes in 16“, 17“, 18“, 19“ and 20“ are designed to be rather heavy and powerful. A cutting bell and a well-defined, bright ping are main attributes of the 22“ Boomer Ride. The 14“ Boomer Hatsare characterized by warm, rich closed and explosive, clear open sounds. The trashy, aggressive 18“ Boomer Chinaand the roaring 12“ Boomer Splashcomplete the special “Boomer” edition, as authorized by Nicko McBrain.

The glossy brilliant finish grabs immediate attention. Corresponding to Nicko’s professional touring set, Alpha Boomer Cymbalsare silk screened in blue. The Paiste logo in Maiden-font combined with the PowerSlave Eddie artwork bring the Boomer cymbals’ appearance to perfection.

Paiste adds a free 12” Boomer Splash to the Alpha Boomer Set which comes in an attractively designed box, consisting of 14” Boomer Hats, 18” Boomer Crash and 22” Boomer Ride.

Alpha cymbals were first launched by Paiste in 1992. Today, the Alpha brand is synonymous with dependability, and the cymbals are well known for their first-class sound and fair prices.

The Brilliant Finish is accomplished by skilled craftsmen who hand polish the cymbals to a mirror perfect surface in the final production stage. Prior to that, top-notch hi-tech processes give Alpha cymbals their initial shape and strength. They are also further refined by traditional hand hammering.

Twenty Masters Collection

Image: Paiste Alpha Boomer Set