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Artist Spotlight: JOHN MACALUSO

Ark drummer John Macaluso , Paiste Artist since 2010, can easily be described as one of the the world’s busiest Metal Studio drummers. So far he has an impressive discography of over 200 recorded and released records to his credit.

Besides this he’s busy working as a touring drummer, clinician, teacher, author and producer.

John has recorded and toured for such bands and artists as: Yngwie Malmsteen, ARK, James LaBrie (Dream Theater), TNT, KRS-1, Riot, Starbreaker, Vitalij Kuprij (TSO), Chris Caffery (TSO), Alex Masi, MCM, Powermad, Felicia Collins, VOX, Delmar Brown, Mistheria (Bruce Dickinson), Randy Coven, Jorn, MAV, just to name a few. He also recorded the Soundtrack for David Lynch's "Wild At Heart “Movie.

John is a PIT (Musician's Institute) Graduate, and the Author of the drum book "Repercussions". Besides this he’s also written articles for Modern Drummer Magazine. John released his solo album titled John Macaluso & Union Radio "The Radio Waves Goodbye", which he wrote and produced by himelf, which displays John’s impressive writing and playing skills. It guests James LaBrie (Dream Theater) and Mike Dimeo (Riot) on vocals, with Adrian Holtz, Vitalij Kuprij (TSO), DiMuti, Marco Sfogli, Chris Caffery (TSO)and Don Chaffin completing the Lineup.

Johns endorsements besides Paiste include Vic Firth Drum Sticks, Evans Drum Heads and GMS Drums. He just finished a successful European Drum Clinic tour covering Italy, Switzerland and Croatia. John is currently working on the long awaited 3rd album for his critically acclaimed band ARK. He co-writes all the music as well as the lyrics. An extensive Tour is planned for 2011.

Furthermore John is working on an instructional drum DVD as well as a DVD with a learning concept for kids rhythm learning.

Having John in our family of Artists is a delight, and an inspiration. To better appreciate John ‘s impressive work, go to www.johnmacaluso.com!

View John’s Paiste Artist Profile!