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Product Spotlight: Black Alpha "Slipknot Edition"

Over the last few years the drumming community has grown attached to drum kits with more pizzazz... intense graphics and/or colors that showcase the drummer more so than years past. With this trend we've offered custom color coated cymbals in black and white to drummers who are looking for that extra visual impact on their kits. After all, Paiste was the first cymbal company to apply color to cymbals...

We're sure many of you remember the coveted Colorsound cymbals. With so many requests that we have received over the years, Paiste felt it necessary to add some color back to our regular cymbal program. To answer all the requests from so many drummers throughout the world we introduce the Black Alpha.

Developed in collaboration with super metal drummer Joey Jordison of Slipknot, the Black Alpha "Slipknot Edition" are coated using the original black ColorSound coating and then silk-screened with a rich gold Alpha logo, model designation and Slipknot logo. The "Slipknot Edition" is Joey's personal selection of Alpha models which features the core look and sound of his upcoming 2008/2009 tour.

The Black Alpha models consist of the 20" Metal Ride, 17", 18", and 19" Rock Crash, 14" Sound Edge Hi-Hat, 18" Rock China, and 10" Metal Splash. The ride sound is metallic with a strong ping and icy wash. The Crashes are powerful, sturdy and cutting while the hi-hats are loaded with sizzling energy, suitable for the loudest styles of music today. The deep thunderous China and untamed smashing Splash are ideal effect sounds that compliment the entire set.

The ColorSound technology only Paiste is truly known for adds a bit of bite to the initial attack, centers the overtones, and adds raw presence to the entire sound character to this dark and exotic looking set of cymbals.

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