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THOMAS BITTNER - Valuable guide for lefties



Paiste Artist Thomas Bittner releases his tutorial book “The Left-Handed Drummer”. A left-handed drummer himself, Thomas draws from his personal experience playing right-handed for 20 years before deciding to re-learn on a left-handed set. He explains why it’s so important to follow your natural inclination and explores several issues associated with an incorrect playing style. This book also includes guidelines for drummers interested in re-learning and for instructors who would like to help guide students through this process.


The book is available in English (ISBN-10: 3000601708, ISBN-13: 978-3000601705) as well as in German language (“Linkshänder am Schlagzeug” ISBN-10: 300056571X, ISBN-13: 978-3000565717).


Thomas Bittner is further going to conduct clinics on this topic at drummer’s focus drum schools in Germany.


df-Köln: 29. September 2018
df-Salzburg: 06. Oktober 2018
df-Stuttgart: 20. Oktober 2018
df-München: 21. Oktober 2018




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