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Vito Rezza joins Paiste family of Artists

Paiste welcomes legendary drummer and educator Vito Rezza to its prestigious family of artists.

Vito Rezza is one of Canada's most passionate, highly accomplished, world-class drummers. Self taught, with early guidance from the unsung drummer/composer Claude Ranger, Vito quickly became a prominent and respected member in the music scene. Choosing his own path and not following the paved way has defined him as a distinct, vibrant and passionate individual with a unique identity in music and moreover as a human. He is one of the greats worldwide.

Currently being celebrated for 50 years in music, he is regarded and respected by several prominent colleagues in the industry for being an inspired human, a great drummer and composer alike.

"Vito is an absolute MASTER. A true artist who plays who he is, with total excellence...the TRUTH.” – Vinnie Colaiuta

"Vito Rezza is one of the most musical drummers that I’ve ever heard or seen in any performance. His approach to cymbal playing and touch paired with his ability to make the musicians around him sound so good is a true gift the many of us wish we had”. -Anthony Michelli

“I have always treated cymbals as the sibilant aspect of my personal drum vocabulary. Since being introduced to Erik Paiste some months ago I clearly see and understand why the instruments are of such high aesthetic quality. Now when I speak musically, it sounds like a beautifully spoken language as opposed to slang. Paiste cymbals sound and feel like fragments of breaking crystal and not rusty metal. I'm excited to play again!” – Vito Rezza

Vito’s new Paiste set up (left to right):
16” Signature Dark Energy Crash MK I
15” Twenty Custom Collection Metal Hats
17” Signature Dark Energy Crash MK I
18” Signature Dark Energy Crash MK I
22” Signature Dark Energy Ride MK I
19” Signature Dark Energy Crash MK I
20” Formula 602 Medium Flat Ride
20” 2002 Novo China

Visit Vito Rezza’s Official Website

Visit Vito Rezza’s Set Up