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Chris Infusino & The Vim Dicta – Video Premiere

Paiste Artist Chris “Fuse” Infusino and Rock Trio The Vim Dicta Premiere New Video, “Stallion.”

Los Angeles, CA - September 9, 2013 – LA-based psych rock trio The Vim Dicta recently hit Capitol Records Studios in Hollywood to record their new five song EP with Shelly Yakus (John Lennon, Patti Smith) and Niko Bolas (Neil Young, Fiona Apple). The video for the track “Stallion;” also on the new ep due out this October, features an alternate take that comes straight from that session.

The live in-the-studio video and recording of “Stallion” showcases the spine-tingling musicality of lead guitarist Matt Tunney (20), lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Cori Elliott (22) and drummer Chris “Fuse” Infusino. The Vim Dicta's deserved comparisons to some of rock’s most electrifying and influential acts are reinforced on this new recording. Think “Dazed and Confused” as interpreted through an Afro-Cuban lens ala The Mars Volta but completely original in it's own right.


Recorded 100% Live at Capitol Records Studios on July 21, 2013

©2013 Psychogroove Media, LLC -- All Rights Reserved

Video: Directed & Edited by Jesse Meeker

Shot by Jesse Meeker, Matthew Boman, & Frank Sopapunta

"Stallion" Written & Performed by The Vim Dicta | ©2013 The Vim Dicta Music (BMI) - All Rights Reserved

The Vim Dicta:
Cori Elliott - Lead Vocals, Bass and Rhythm Guitars
Matt Tunney - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Chris "Fuse" Infusino – Drums

Produced by Niko Bolas
Engineered by Shelly Yakus & Niko Bolas

Mixed by Niko Bolas

Mastered by Shelly Yakus & Ari Blitz In AfterMaster HD

Recorded & Mixed at Capitol Records Studios, Hollywood, CA

Management: Dan Nash / Just Great Management


It's the dimmest day
And the weather prays For sunshine

And leaves do crack
At my feet's reaction

And the tired kin
With the western winds
It blows

And you've grown so restless
And there's no more guessing
I know

Call out your name
Break the chains
Weigh in, out

Oh wild, wild one
Let the rising
Inspire me

And the fire it shows
But you want to know
Too much

And you left your mark
Oh you let it sting
It's wavering

Call out your name
Break the chains
Weigh in, out

Oh wild, wild one
Let the rising
Inspire me

And now you know
I'm laying low
And don't you see
What you do to me x2

How you let the light dim below
How you let the night be the storm we grow x2

© 2011 Cori Elliott & Matt Tunney -- All Rights Reserved

Chris “Fuse” Infusino - Biography

Chris Infusino is a professional drummer based in New York City, NY.

After cutting his teeth in Chicago working with the likes of Buddy Guy, John Kattke, The Blues Brothers Tribute, Chris moved to New York City in August 2010, and quickly got on the scene recording and performing with: Dr. John, James Maddock, Susan Justice, Freddie Stevenson, Jon Paris, Gene Cornish, Bernie Williams, Tony Garnier (Bob Dylan), Jay Levine (Producer w/ Atlantic Records) Jeff Hill (Rufus Wainwright), Benny Harrison, Bobby Watson (Rufus), Wakey! Wakey! Jim Wolf, William Duvall, Michael Nappi, and many others.

Chris also endorses Gretsch Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Regal Tip Drumsticks, Earthworks High Definition Microphones, Beato Bags, and Cympad Products.

(Bio by Laura Rogas)

About The Vim Dicta

There is a new sound coming out that not only embodies the pure energy of great Rock n’ Roll, but offers up soulful, sophisticated musicianship and great lyrical content. THE VIM DICTA, a young power trio conjure the kind of excitement felt in the late 1960’s when three man bands like Cream and the Jimi Hendrix Experience were taking the music world by storm. So energetic and exciting is The Vim Dicta’s signature sound that modern myths decrying “Rock is Dead” crumble under their command so completely that fans describe feeling the true spirit of the genre come alive within them!

The Vim Dicta formed a little over two years ago from LA’s re-energized underground music scene and have worked hard to hone their sound and personnel. Original members Cori Elliott, 21, (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) and Matt Tunney, 20, (lead guitar/backing vocals) make up the nucleus of the trio and have set the tone for the band’s remarkable sound. Soon to be LA-based Chicago native Chris “the Fuse” Infusino, 28, (drums and percussion) was recently brought aboard to match the musicianship and feel by providing a powerful, consistent and intensely inspiring foundation. Now they are three equal parts of positive virtuosic prog rock (think “The Dead Weather Zeppelin with a dash of Santana”); a psycho groovy rhythm section (a la Nick Mason / Noel Redding on a Latin jazz acid trip) and a sexy siren of a soulful blues vocalist combining the punk attitude of Alison Mosshart with the timeless emotion of Billie Holliday.

Already veterans of the road, The Vim Dicta have played over 120 live shows at a diverse collection venues in Southern California and New York City ranging from small “hipster” clubs to large well-known halls. They’ve put in time at music festivals such as SXSW; the Sunset Strip Music Festival; BuzzBand LA's recent Chinese Lunar New Year Festival; and have several hipster festival events coming up on both coasts.

They have received endorsements from many companies including Gibson and Epiphone guitars, Gretsh drums, Paiste cymbals, Blue microphones and TC-Helicon vocal fx. The band was recently voted #2 in The Deli Magazine’s list of “Best New LA Bands of 2012.” Recordings of the band have always been 100% live in the studio (no overdubs allowed); they released a critically acclaimed four-song EP (“Lucky Strike”) in 2012 and just released a new single ("Point Blank") via their nascent self-owned label, PsychoGroove.


Dan Nash/Just Great Management
Mobile: (310) 701-6071


Margo Drgos/The Musebox
Mobile: (310) 849-5857
SKYPE: margodrgos

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