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Artist Spotlight: CHAD BUTLER

There are drummers…and then there are great drummers… and then there are great drummers that are a perfect fit for the band they’re in. Chad Butler just happens to be one of those great drummers that fit perfectly with the band he’s in. Chad Butler and Switchfoot are truly the perfect match. If you’ve ever seen them live you’d immediately agree that Chad’s energy on his drum kit rivals the band’s lead man Jon Foreman. Chad’s selection of drum beats, accents, fills, and overall groove for any song Switchfoot creates is simply perfect for the song.

Originally born in Amsterdam, (his family lived there for only a few years), Chad co-found Chin-up with Jon and his brother Tim back in 1996 while attending Univ. of California San Diego. After receiving his bachelors in History and Business in 1997, the band played a number of shows and eventually changed their name to Switchfoot (taken from a surfing term). The band’s momentum just grew from that day forward gaining popularity among Christian and mainstream modern rock listeners.

Switchfoot has been a very busy band since their 1st release “The Legend of Chin” back in 1997. Within their tenure as a band, Chad has been laying down rock solid performances on 7 studio Albums (2 Gold, 1 double Platinum), 1 live album, 2 compilation albums (1 Gold), 5 EP’s, 12 singles (3 Gold), 17 “B” sides, and 23 music videos. And along the way, they have toured the world many times over their span of 14 years hitting major cities and small towns across the U.S., Australia, Asia, and Europe.

Chad has been a proud Paiste artist since 2004. He originally used Signature cymbals upon joining our family of artists eventually branching out to 2002 Wild Crashes, and Dark Energy Hats. Since 2008 Chad has gravitated to the Twenty series which he currently uses in almost all of his musical activities with Switchfoot. Whether it’s the 14” Hats or 20” Crash, his Twenty cymbals are a right fit for his band’s style of music. If Chad and Switchfoot are ever at a venue near you, do yourself a favor and attend one of their shows. You will leave the show completely overwhelmed on how good of a performance you just saw… Yes, Chad and Switchfoot are that good.

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