Antonio Oliveira (PT)

Paiste Artist Since Oct 2019


15" Masters Dark Hi-Hat
17" Masters Dark Crash
22" Masters Dark Crisp Ride


António Oliveira (aka tonydr1ve), multifaceted drummer, with a musical background dedicated to a wide range of musical styles including collaborations with bands, producers and orchestras such as DR1VE, Lucia Moniz, the Watchtower, Fernando Pereira (singer), AMA, Project EZ, Belinha Jazz Trio, André Indiana, Rodolfo Cardoso, Jorge Fidalgo, Ze Tó Lemos, Vitor Silva, Jorge Portela, etc.

Starting his partnership with Paiste in 2018, he combines electronics with the acoustic kit to create a hybrid where the goal is to complement music even more, making groove simplicity his business card.