Luis Logrado (PT)

Paiste Artist Since Oct 2019



Luís Logrado was born in Lisbon on June 26th 1993. Son of parents that are passionate about music, when Luís was born he already had drums at home and from when he was only 6 months old to the age 3, he demonstrated some interest and talent to play this instrument.

After a quite significant break, he came back to his art at the age 11 with great determination. His first big influences were Mike Portnoy, Dave Weckl, Akira Jimbo, Virgil Donati and Thomas Lang with who he learnt through videos and workshops that took place in Portugal. A bit later, Luís fell in love with artists such as Eric Moore, Larnell Lewis, Shariq Tucker, Mike Mitchell, and others.

Through out the last few years, Luís has been having the pleasure to work with artists such as: Papillon, Ana Malhoa, Wet Bed Gang, Defying Control, After the Break, and others. He’s also participated in contests such as “Yamaha Drum Sessions” where he got the 2nd place and “Big Drum Bonanza” organized by Thomas Lang, where he was placed in the top 10 two years in a row, having also received an honorable mention in the second year he competed.