Namtar (NL)

Paiste Artist Since Aug 2019



Ivo “Namtar” Wijers is the drummer in well-known Horror Metal act Carach Angren”. With this band he has played over 300 shows all over the globe and released 5 highly acclaimed albums internationally.

When he was 14 years old he was inspired by a drummer who gave a clinic, during regular music lessons, at high school. Eventually at the age of 16, he bought a drumkit and started to learn drums by himself. Becoming a steady and tight metal drummer, he got stuck learning new things by himself. At this point he decided to take one year of drum lessons from a jazz drummer in the area, learning double strokes and rudiments mainly. This openend up a whole new world regarding his drumming.

Being active in various local bands, he started Carach Angren with his brother Clemens “Ardek” Wijers and Dennis “Seregor” Droomers. After 5 official album releases and over hundreds of shows worldwide, Carach Angren continues to gather widespread acclaim from international media outlets and an ever-increasing number of dedicated fans.

Aside from being Carach Angren’s drummer, Ivo fills in as session drummer in live and studio situations such as Septic Flesh (Cyprus show 2014), Zardonic (Studio remix 2015) Consonance (studio 2015), From Earth (various shows 2015).