Joseph Mintz (US)

Paiste Artist Since Apr 2019



Joseph Mintz is an up-and-coming Californian who has been making a name for himself in the Los Angeles music scene. Joseph fell in love with drums at age 5 and continued taking lessons and improving. Building a following through a constant stream of posts showcasing his diverse skills on the kit, Joseph has established himself as a drummer everyone should keep an eye out for, and especially in the world of jazz and fusion music. He fell in love with jazz through a local jam in 2016. This has ultimately lead him to cross paths with some of the biggest drum companies in the industry, like Vic Firth, Dunnett, and now Paiste! He has also crossed paths with some of the greatest musicians in LA and gained the support of people like Gary Novak, Gergo Borlai, Scott Kinsey, Charles Ruggiero, Tim Lefebvre, and Vinnie Colaiuta. Joseph plays in LA rock band, Hand of Giants, as well as different jazz and fusion groups.