Cancamusa (US)
#Mon Laferte

Paiste Artist Since Jan 2019



Cancamusa is a drummer, singer, and songwriter. In 2019 she settled in Mexico to join Mon Laferte's band and develop her solo career. Her music is self-defined as "Cinematic Pop" with influences from Dream Pop, Indie Pop, Trip Hop and Incidental Music.

In February 2019, she began her solo project as “Cancamusa” with the release of “Venus”. In the same year she released "Antílope" and "Amor Abstracto". At the beginning of 2020, she released "Huracán De Fuego" and "Sinfonía", all singles included in her debut album "Cisne: Lado Negro" produced by Sinclavi.

At present she is promoting "Amor En Ocaso", the first single of "Cisne - Lado Rojo", second part of her first record. Cancamusa debuted on stage at the “Catrina Festival” on December 7, 2019.