David Myers Jr (US)

Paiste Artist Since Dec 2018



David Myers Jr is an professional drummer from Johnstown, PA and now based in Los Angeles. David's first memory of picking up sticks goes all the way back to a young kid of the age of 2. He, like many other drummers got his start from beating on pots and pans and anything else he could find that could make noise. David was introduced to music an young age due to his dad being a minister and mom being a secretary at church.

Throughout his childhood, he would find any chance he could to play. That would range from playing in church, local groups, school concerts, marching band, jazz band, indoor percussion, etc. After graduation high school in 2011, David decided to pack up and move to Los Angeles to attend Musicians Institute College of Music where he graduated in 2014 with an Associate Degree, as well as an Outstanding Player Award. During his time at Musicians Institute, his credits landed his first professional gig as the tour drummer for Grammy Award winning artist Frank Ocean.

Since then, David has gone on and worked with some of the top artist such as Zayn Malik(From One Direction), 6lack, Raury, Norwegian duo Lemaitre and he has also recorded drums for R&B artist Jhene Akio. Davidís goal is to aspire to inspire, he lives by the phrase play what you feel!