Robertinho Marcal (BR)
#Independent , Fagner

Paiste Artist Since Aug 2018



The young musician from Ceará, Brazil, Robertinho Marçal began playing drums at the tender age of 3. At 6, he'd already taken over the drum chair at his local church band. After spending time studying and growing as a self-taught musician, he began attending classes at the local conservatory of music.

Known for his charisma and originality, Robertinho assimilated into the local music scene very easily. At 18, he was already playing professionally in Fortaleza in various venues, clubs, bars, festivals and weddings, as well as accompanying several Christian artists, and playing instrumental music at the best music festivals in the area. He has also been a part of several recording projects, which has helped him strengthen one of the greatest qualities a musician can ask for: versatility.

In 2013, Robertinho was invited to join the band of renowned singer/songwriter Raimundo Fagner. Since then, Robertinho has had his work recognized on a national level, and in 2015 was asked to share his life story and musicality with Modern Drummer magazine.

In 2015 he had the opportunity to participate in the Drum Fantasy Camp in Chicago, IL, where he attended classes, and had lessons with Steve Smith, Benny Greb, Jojo Mayer, and Dave Weckl.

Robertinho is also now dedicating a portion of his time educating around Brazil through his master classes, where he covers a wide range of materials, both theoretical and practical. It's a time of great interaction between the participants, always focusing on the ultimate goal: giving people the tools needed for musical expression through their instrument.

Besides being on tour with singer Raimundo Fagner, Robertinho also plays as a sideman with several other artists including: Marcos Lessa, Nayra Costa, MaraJazz, Rafael Maia Band, Jamrock. He's also been in the studio recording your first solo album.