Akhamie (US)
#Akhamie, Beach Drum Shed, Fun Sick Phony

Paiste Artist Since Aug 2018



Camellia Akhamie Kies was born in Heidelberg, Germany on June 18, 1989. She started drumming when she was 5 years old and began her professional music career at age 19 when she auditioned and was accepted into the United States Navy Music Program.

She served for six years, and during that time she traveled to over 15 countries in South East Asia representing America as a Musical Ambassador.

After being honorably discharged, she moved to San Diego, California where she began working with local bands in the area.

Camellia’s musical creativity and dedication to her craft has allowed her to stand out amongst many other drummers. Camellia currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida and will be going on tour with Latin Grammy Winner Buika in 2019.