Will Andrews (US)
#Walking Papers, Ten Miles Wide

Paiste Artist Since Jun 2018



Will Andrews is a professional drummer in Seattle, WA. At a young age Will cut his teeth by meticulously learning his favorite songs on the radio. Growing up near Boston MA, Willís passion for music naturally led him to attend Berklee College of Music where he studied with the great Mike Mangini, currently of Dream Theater. After years of practice and preparation, Will left Boston and moved to Seattle in his late teens to pursue new projects that would perpetuate his growth as a musician.

With the ability to fit into many musical situations with confidence and creativity, Will has worked his way into becoming a stalwart of the Seattle music scene. He is known his intense, hard-hitting approach when playing heavier styles of music and his use of subtlety, groove, musicality and dynamics when accompanying songwriters. He is also well-versed in odd time and polyrhythm. During the last few decades, Will has played on dozens of recordings ranging from progressive rock, alternative rock, singer songwriter, metal, and experimental. He has performed live in clubs, arenas and everything in between. He is the current drummer for two major Seattle acts, Walking Papers and Ten Miles Wide. Walking Papers has headlined tours in the US and Europe, and toured supporting Alice In Chains, Aerosmith, and Myles Kennedy. Ten Miles Wide has toured the west coast performed with Korn and Stone Sour. New albums from both bands are currently in the works.

Will is currently a Paiste and Vater artist. He can be reached at will.d.andrews@gmail.com and can be followed on major social media platforms