Maximilian Maxotsky (RS)
#Stas Piekha

Paiste Artist Since May 2018



Maximilian Maxotsky is a drummer, a teacher and a session musician. At the moment he resides in Moscow and plays in Stas Piekha's band.

He was born in Smolensk, Russia. Taught himself to play the drums listening to albums by Metallica, RHCP, Korn and the Deftones. In 2012, he along with members of Kawri’s Whisper band has moved to Saint Petersburg.

In 2013 Maximilian joined ALAI OLI, as their drummer rocked all across Russia and abroad and was on the stage for the biggest music festivals in Russia like Nashestvie, Kazantip, Sosednii Mir, Dobrofest, Vozduh.

Nowadays Maximilian is on «Glubina» tour with Stas Piekha. Aside from that, he has been appearing on the most popular TV channels, as well as holding quite a number of drum workshops, private lessons and participating in recording music sessions.