Luka Fischman (US)
#Sleep On It

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2018



Luka Fischman has been keeping a beat on anything he could get his hands on since he was a child. As a child of traveling Folk Musicians, falling asleep in the back rooms of venues and growing up around the eclectic tastes of the east coast folk scene became a staple for his passion for music. He began his life loving Celtic percussion and found a home in the rhythms of world music in general. Upon receiving his first drum set at the age of 13 there was nothing standing in his way from putting all his energy and time into learning how to be the most well rounded drummer he could be.

Being primarily self taught, his attention was initially geared towards play-throughs of his favorite bands and artists on his iPod from as many genres as possible. Many practices were spent feeling out the complex rhythms of Lamb Of God, Slipknot, Sevendust and Avenged Sevenfold while developing speed and precision with double bass, but he especially loved the independence of free drumming to hip-hop, R&B, funk and pop music. He joined his high school’s jazz band his senior year and contributed to the pit orchestra for their performance of Jesus Christ Superstar a year prior. He spent hours a day practicing, jamming, playing shows with anyone who’d have him and learning as much as he could.

In 2011 he graduated and moved from Massachusetts to Chicago in hopes of pursuing a career in music while attending Columbia College. After dropping out he decided to put all his efforts into looking for a full time band and eventually crossed paths with another eager musician in 2012 who together, formed the beginnings of the band in which he resides now, Sleep On It.