Haven Multz-Matthews (US)
#Kyle Craft, #Animal Eyes

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2018



Surrounded by the vast musical offerings of his parentís record store in his hometown of Homer, Alaska, music was always an accessible and entertaining outlet for Haven. Though his 5th grade music class sparked his interest, it was being left out of his brotherís rock and roll band that propelled him to take on the drums.

After years of playing in jazz, concert, and rock and roll bands throughout high school, and a few years gallivanting aimlessly, he settled in Portland, Oregon ready to get serious about his musical pursuits. Within these last 10 years, Haven has had the chance to work with bands playing psychedelic prog, punk, and glam rock, touring across the country and honing in on his craft.

Today, Haven remains based out of Portland working with bands Animal Eyes and Kyle Craft (SubPop) and provides recording on a freelance basis with local engineers.