Will Butera (US)
#Joy Again, #Arthur Shea, #Heavy Harold, #JaJaTao, #Whatever Whatever

Paiste Artist Since Feb 2018



Will Butera is a professional drummer from Philadelphia, PA. He has recorded and toured extensively throughout the United States and Canada with several bands including Joy Again, Heavy Harold, ARTHUR, Whatever Whatever, and Stick Up Kid. Will is a graduate of Berklee College of Music where he studied drums, music business, and a wide variety of musical genres. He has played drums since early childhood, studying for many years with his mentor, David Latimer. Joy Again is currently recording its first LP.

“When I graduated I realized my passion was still in playing drums and performing so I moved back to Philadelphia and joined as many bands as I could. Now I have been in Joy Again for almost a year, and I'm excited with how we are developing and by the following that we see on the road and at home.”