Jesse Boyle (US)
#Chase Atlantic

Paiste Artist Since Nov 2017



Jesse Boyle is best known for drumming with Australian band Chase Atlantic and grew up through his younger years listening to favourite bands such as The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Jimi Hendrix, Foo Fighters, Fleetwood Mac and many more. This began to develop his passion style and approach towards the drums.

As his family moved interstate and internationally quite frequently, Jesse did not have a consistent drum teacher nor lessons. Turning to simply listening to songs he loved and attempting to work them out himself on the kit. The older he got, the more he would study his favourite drummers live performances and methods to playing. This is what has made Jesse’s trademark strength: his energy and live performances.

Prior to being approached by Clinton Cave (founding member and producer of Chase Atlantic) to join the project, Jesse was performing in Australia and Singapore’s biggest nightclubs along side the biggest DJ’s in the industry.

At the age of 16 and living in Singapore, Jesse pioneered a never-before seen DJ/Drum show at Zirca Nightclub (voted best club night in Singapore several years running at the time). Here, he performed a long side Singapore legend ‘DJ Inquisitive’ and worked on the event titled ‘Mad Thrills’. This would see Jesse attend school during the day, then go to the club to perform this entirely improvised set to 1,000+ patrons on the weekend. This was a majorly key time in developing Jesse’s playing style and began to mould the type of drummer he is today.

After returning to Australia Jesse began to join forces with local DJs on the Gold Coast nightclub scene using his framework from Singapore. From here more DJs and Promoters picked up on this special show, leading Jesse to play with the biggest resident DJ’s and International acts headlining the most prestigious and internationally renown clubs in the world such as; Vanity Nightclub, Shooters Nightclub, Marquee Sydney, Billboard the Venue, Bootsy Bellows LA and countless more.

Once seeing Jesse perform one of his nightclub shows, Clinton Cave approached Jesse offering to join the project whilst it was still in it’s infancy. 4 Years later and at the age of 23, Jesse and the band has now completed multiple Sold Out shows, National Headline tours, International tours, Festivals and reaching new heights in the world of music every day.