Alex McVey (US)
#We Are Messengers

Paiste Artist Since Sep 2017



Alex McVey grew up in the small town of St. Albans, WV in a house filled with the sound of his fatherís piano. From violin at the age of 3, classical piano lessons and picking up guitar, Alex learned many instruments growing up. But having always loved the sound of the drum line in parades, it wasnít until he joined the marching band at St. Albans High that he found the one instrument he really connected with.

Alex studied music at Liberty University, graduating with a BS in Music and Worship Studies. During his time there, he continued with the marching band and began collaborating with other musicians and artists who performed in the local music scene. Soon realizing that his passion was making and performing music, he moved to Nashville, TN four days after graduating.

Alex has had the privilege of playing with many bands and artists both in performance and recording environments. His goal as a musician is to play what is most complimentary to the song and artist. Currently, his main focus is playing for We Are Messengers who are signed with Word Entertainment. When he isnít on the road with We Are Messengers, he enjoys writing/producing, working with other artists, and being home with his wife.