Philippe Boucher (CA)
#Beyond Creation , Chthe’ilist, Décombres, Incandescence

Paiste Artist Since Sep 2017



Playing drums since he’s seven years old, Philippe «Tyrant» Boucher is mostly known for being drummer of the Montreal death metal band Beyond Creation, signed on Season of Mist.

Their first album «The Aura» (back in 2011) and their second «Earthborn Evolution» (released in 2014) are a success. Both albums launched the band on a distinctive roll on the worldwide scene; Japan, Australia, Mexico, Europe, Canada, USA and a lot more to come!

Philippe likes to broaden his horizons and push over his limits to acquire new skills. He experiments with other styles of metal with his other bands; Incandescence (in which he also released two albums), Chthe’ilist and Décombres. He always gives his best on a gig or in studio for every project he works with!