Jeremy Lombardo (US)
#Gestures & Sounds

Paiste Artist Since Jul 2017


15" 2002 Sound Edge Hi-Hat
17" Signature Full Crash
22" 2002 Ride


Drumming was never a choice for Lombardo, it was always something that burned within him. Jeremy Lombardo, based out of Los Angeles, California, started playing at an extremely young age and always knew that drums would be the biggest part of his life. Playing piano and bass for bands throughout his early music career, he constantly came back to drums as if modulating back to his tonic. Surrounded by a variety of musical genres growing up, he developed a versatile and unique drumming style. Meeting his current band Gestures & Sounds was a major game changer in his musical path. Coming from a history of punk, metal and heavy rock, he steps foot into the indie/folk genre and blurs the lines between aggression and sincerity. Paiste Cymbals have always been and will continue being a defining point in his drumming tone and style.