Brian Lada (US)

Paiste Artist Since Apr 2017



From starting on the violin at age 5 to picking up the sticks at 8 years old, Brian Lada has made it his life's mission to pursue music. Born on 02/07/1998 in Chicago, IL and coming from a musically educated family, Brian found beauty in all music. However, he always had a knack for progressive metal, fusion, jazz, and hip hop. Brianís playing is full of many influences. He is known for playing anything from innovative virtuosic playing to just keeping a solid simple beat.

Brian was self-taught up until high school when he started private lessons. Throughout high school, he was involved in the drumline and jazz ensemble, and worked hard while learning quickly. Brian would also come to form a progressive pop-punk band called Belmont in high school to which he drums and writes the instrumental music for. After constant playing, recording, press, and touring the U.S. since the age of 16, the band had landed a record deal with Mutant League Records and a management deal with Synergy Artist MGMT and APA Booking Agency. The band is looking forward to a bright and busy future! In the meantime, Brian is attending Berklee College of Music in Boston to further excel at his craft. When not working with the band, Brian works with his other musical side projects, teaching, and works as a freelance drummer!"