Tommy West grew up with an interest in the drums, thanks to an entire family of drummers from the east coast. However, it wasn’t until the fabulous debut of Rock Band on the PS2 that Tommy was able to figure out his undying passion for learning the drums - all while admittedly abusing his friend’s copy of the game for weeks. After expertly sneaking a forbidden set of no-name drums into his house at age fourteen, Tommy began practicing every day while his mother & her horrific boyfriend were at work. Similarly, every night, he’d hide the drums back into the closet until the following day.

He proceeded completely self-taught while “attempting” quite a few drum tracks from favorite artists like The Beatles, Weezer, Umbrellas, The Rolling Stones, AFI, Journey, John Mayer, Death Cab for Cutie, & Broken Social Scene. From there, it became an obsession, which would challenge him to learn increasingly difficult songs that had always inspired him in the percussion category. Before he knew it, his interests would lead him to arrange his first band a year later in freshman year of high school. While exceptionally terrible, their band played 12 local shows around the Dallas area before ultimately breaking up a year later. Tommy knew this wasn’t the end, and kept on pursuing the instrument.

After six years with three different local bands, hundreds of shows, a dozen festivals, a few weekend one-offs around Texas and even a partial U.S. tour, Tommy finally found a group of people who took their music seriously & wanted to make it a career. This would become The White Noise. The band had recently lost a drummer, and due to a great friend currently playing bass, Tommy was offered a position to fill-in for an incoming show. Just one day later, he was offered to join full-time, as the band was planning to drive to North Carolina and play a showcase for Fearless Records.

The White Noise was signed by Fearless and decided to collectively move to Los Angeles to truly form the band, alongside their producer Drew Fulk and their label + management. Since their debut in October 2015, the band has been on seven U.S. and Canada tours spanning the entire country, as well as the entire summer of the 2017 Vans Warped Tour. The White Noise has released two offerings, starting with their debut EP “Aren’t You Glad” and their full-length record “AM/PM”. He found his style by combining an aggressive, yet driving & straightforward drumming style (inspired by some favorite bands like The Swellers, Make Do and Mend, & Have Heart) - while maintaining a groove and pocket inspired by favorites Steve Jordan of John Mayer & Jason McGerr from Death Cab for Cutie.

For 2018, Tommy will be touring nonstop with The White Noise as they plan to go out with Anti-Flag & Stray From The Path, as well as plan their first U.S. headlining tour and even some time overseas in the U.K. & Europe.

The single greatest part of Paiste, is that every cymbal sounds, weighs, feels, and plays exactly like the duplicates that they manufacture in the same size/model. There is no other company that pays this much attention to detail, and that alone is the reason I won’t consider anything else. Not to mention, the Formula 602’s and Signature Traditionals combine vintage dark tones with modern playability unlike any other brands right now. Where else can you find something that you can bash on tour to loud punk songs, and THEN proceed to go home to play blues, americana, and country on the same exact cymbal? It does not exist other than Paiste. That is pure versatility.