Fire EX. from Kaohsiung, Taiwan was established in 2000. The band is made up of lead vocalist Sam, guitarist Orio and bassist Jc. They were all classmates in high school and were joined by drummer Ti Wu in 2012. As of today, Fire EX has released four full albums and many singles. The band combines the bass tones of punk rock with lyrics that reflect current times and real-life issues. This style of music strikes a chord with those who readily identify with their songs. Popular tracks such as, “Good Night! Formosa!”, “A Man on the Sea”, and “Island’s Sunrise” have made Fire EX. They are considered the representatives of punk rock music for modern times, and have earned the name, ‘The Taiwan People’s Music Band’.

In recent years, other than participating in differently themed annual Live House tours and various major domestic and international music festivals, Fire EX. has held annual solo concerts since 2013. The band has also collaborated with MONOEYES from Japan to hold the Far East Union tour that spans Taiwan, Japan, and Korea. This event promotes cultural exchange within Asia through the uniting effects of music.

The band has grown tremendously in recent years. Their Live House performances started off with just one or two hundred people in the audience and carried no mainstream media attention. Through constant performances and exposure, Fire EX. has worked towards becoming known throughout Taiwan, and is moving on to take on the world.

In 2015, Fire EX.’s, “Island’s Sunrise” was chosen as the theme song for the Sunflower Movement, winning the much-coveted ‘Golden Melody Awards – Best Song of the Year’ award. Following the award, they set up their own music company – Fire On Music Co., Ltd.

In 2016, Fire EX. released their album in Japan, and collaborated with legendary musicians such as Takeshi Hosomi and Masafumi Isobe. This sparked much discussion, and quickly increased their fame and popularity in Japan. They continued their success by performing in Japan’s largest scale music festival – Summer Sonic.

In the same year, they released their ‘REBORN’ album, and held a total of 15 concerts spread over two series of album tours. Tickets sold out fast, leading to Fire EX.’s decision to go where no other independent music band had ever gone before – an outdoor music concert with over ten thousand people in attendance. The ‘2016 On Fire Day’ marked the first-ever concert to be held in a baseball arena, with ten thousand tickets sold, setting a record for Taiwan’s history of independent music.

After achieving this significant milestone, Fire EX. decided to move forward and create a remake of their more representational songs over the years. 2017 marks the 17th year of the band’s establishment, and the band intends to release their first ‘new songs + best collection album’, while preparing for their annual world tour.