Robert Garven was a founding member and drummer for the California based Heavy Metal band Cirith Ungol. Most notable for their totally original heavy sound, they are considered one of the most popular Underground Heavy Metal acts today. They have a large cult status and international following. Recently reunited, there are some very exciting things on the horizon for the band. Their complete catalog is on Metal Blade Records, and Brian Slagel, Metal Blade Records’ founder recently picked their second album “King of the Dead”, as one of his top 11 releases in the record company’s history.

Robert also known as the “Master of Disaster” has a unique drumming style all his own, which is a major part of the bands heavy sound! He considers it a cross between the primitive beats of our earliest ancestors and influences “From Beyond”. One thing is for sure, Rob has always loved his Paiste cymbals and gong, and is very proud to part of the Paiste family of artists.

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